• We are Wauguzi Sacco

    Welcome to WASA

    At WASA, we take pride as development ambassadors with our aim being to help our members financially from savings to accessing loans.

  • Grow with savings and dividends

    Financial growth at WASA

    At WASA , we give our members a chance to grow financially by giving them a platform to accumulate savings thus investments that attract dividends.

  • Access low interest loans

    Access WASA loans

    As a WASA member you can access loans up to three times your shares at a 1% interest on the reducing balance. Processing only takes 24 hours.

    Open Membership

    Autonomy & Independence

    Concern for Community

    Economic Participation

    Financial control starts with joining a SACCO

    At WASA we identify as development ambassadors guiding our members towards financial development and growth through credit services. The aim is to create a community defined by values including mutual responsibility, self-help equity, and equality while practicing honesty and social responsibility

    Why choose us?

    We offer you flexible membership options with loan availability at low interest available within 24 hours

    Flexible Membership

    Flexibility for us means giving our members the chance to sign up and opt out as it suits them

    Dividends and shareholder investments

    As a mebers, monthly contributions will go towards your savings and thus giving yearly dividends

    Instant Loans

    WASA loans are processed within 24hrs to allow easy access to funds during emergencies and other needs

    Quick Support

    Our support team is available through out to help you with your needs and concerns related to WASA

    What members say

    WASA gives me financial control since I can save and I'm assured of dividends.

    Cynthia M
    When I had an emergency, WASA came to my aid by giving me a loan three times my shares which really helped.
    Mercy V
    Business person
    I've been a member for some months now and I can already feel a change in my financial empowerment.
    James O

    Interested. Not Sure Where to Start?

    Our Customer care team is available 24/7 to help you with your needs