Access Instant WASA loans

WASA loans typically take 24hrs to process at an interest going as low as 1% on the reducing balance

Why WASA loans?

24Hr processing

processing WASA loans takes a maximum of 24hrs ensuring that the funds are accessed by users within the shortest time

1% Interest on reducing balance

Interest on loans is calaulated at a rate of 1 percent on the reducing balance

3x your savings

SACCO members are able to access loans of up to 3 times their savings

Who is eligible

  • All SACCO members are eligible for Loans
  • To access loans, registration is required for non-sacco members

Requirements for eligibility

  • Copy of original National Identity Card
  • 3 latest payslips for checkoff members or,
  • 6 months bank statement or 6 months M-Pesa statements for standing order and pay bill members
  • 3 guarantors (must be SACCO members)

Employer Checkoff